About the Authentic Revolution

How it Began

The scene: San Francisco in the 1990s, at the beginning of the tech boom. In this hotbed of alternative community and new discoveries, two separate groups began a journey that would lead to the discovery of Authentic Relating and Circling practices.

Decker Cunov was living with a group of friends. As conflicts began to arise in the group, he began initiating conversations about what was actually happening – relating in the moment about perspectives, truths, and feelings. This conversation of authenticity and empathy became the Soul2Soul community, and then combined with mens’ work that he, Bryan Bayer, and others were doing to evolve Authentic Relating and his form of Circling. Decker co-founded the Integral Center with Robert MacNaughton in 2011, which has been a hub for the Authentic Man Program, Alethia circling immersions, and T3 circling trainings since. More on the Integral Center’s history

Guy Sengstock went to Burning Man, and in the midst of a group conflict one night, he began to “see the Matrix” beyond the interrelationships of his friends. Guy started discovering, and co-discovering, the essential nature of the people with him – what must be true about each for them to be the person they were. He, Jerry Candelaria, and other facilitators began holding the Arete Experience, the first circling immersions, in the late 1990s. Guy and Alexis Shepperd later refined the practice into a teachable modality and began training facilitators in 2006. They now lead the Art of Circling training and circling immersions. More Guy history here