About the Founder

I’m Sara Ness – a facilitator, teacher, consultant, and coach, who has become internationally notorious as the leader of one of the largest Authentic Relating communities in the world. 

In 2012, while in college, I took a trip across the US to study intentional living communities (co-ops, communes, and cohousing developments) for my senior thesis. I discovered Authentic Relating on the trip. On returning, I co-founded Authentic Houston with John Palmer and Brian Burrell, and later the Austin Love Juggernaut, groups that use connective verbal and physical “games” to teach relating skills.

Four years later, this work has become my love and my livelihood. I’ve trained or consulted over 200 leaders in 35 different cities in the art of emergent leadership, and contributed to the founding of at least 14 communities. I’ve worked with students, schools, wellness groups, an engineering company, a dance troupe, and more.

I’m passionate about understanding how groups and relationships form, thrive, or conflict, both to meet my own need for belonging in a group, but also to understand how we can work together effectively in creating global change.


Authentic Relating and Circling aren’t top-dollar careers to be in. I work 70-80 hours a week and survive half on donations. Why?

I don’t care whether or not Authentic Relating becomes “the thing” that everybody goes to. I love the community and friendships, self-empowerment, and world-improving creation that comes out of this work. I have seen thousands of people transform and discover their potential through my events. I love waking up every morning and knowing my spark of being can light others’ flames. As Mary Oliver says,


What else should I have done?
Doesn’t everything die at last, and too soon?
What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

Mary Oliver

The Austin Authentic Relating Community and Sara Ness entered my life early last year, and whew what an amazing ride its been! This Authentic Community is one of the most positive influences of my life to date. Having a place to go to create space to explore expression of authenticity, community, connection, is such an overlooked but important piece of this puzzle of life.


Sara Ness is an AMAZING teacher, inspirer, and creator who has been organizing this movement….She has taught me more than words can explain but lets just say through these Authentic Relating Games, I have been given the space to find my purpose, get focused, and improve the quality of my life as a whole.

It was an enchanting and powerful growth experience for me, particularly given that I was among a group of total strangers. I only wish that I could properly explain the power and presence that Sara Ness brings to this fascinating and difficult work of deeply connecting people.

Sara is a generous facilitator with a keen ability to see into the nuanced experiences of all participants, while at the same time gently nudging the group into unmapped territories of relating. Authentic Relating calls participants to respond in the present moment with honesty, vulnerability and trust – scary terrains to tread! And Sara has a way of opening a safe container for those experiences to come alive.

Sara is a wonderful model of how to be really present and hold space for others. She meticulously crafts a weekend to guide leaders to not only facilitate games, but to bring out the best leadership (and human) qualities in themselves while facilitating. Sara, you can quote me! 🙂

Working with Sara has been an amazing experience. From the get-go she started honing in on what made me tick, helping me realize things about myself I only thought I knew. Her caring approach to coaching makes me feel comfortable and relaxed even when dealing with the harsher truths of my life.
And the time spent with her has certainly paid off. In just a few sessions I started noticing massive differences in both my satisfaction and productivity at work. In my personal life, she has helped me appreciate myself when I never really thought I could.


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Contact me at sara@authrev.com with any questions or comments, if you’d like to explore community or leadership coaching, or because you feel like bumping beings with me – who cares why!