All-Texas Retreat

It’s that time again!!!

Time for our very favorite AR event of the year. Three days of hanging out together, uniting the Texas communities, and getting to connect through depth and play! Not to mention dancing, camping, circling, sleeping (occasionally) and much more.

There will be
– Authentic Relating Games galore!
– Circling with world-class facilitators
– Ecstatic Dance
– Yoga and Meditation
– Outdoor Play
– Delicious meals

And, there will be plenty of time to just relax and enjoy each other.  3 days together in a beautiful location, with authentic community? It’s going to be a blast.

What I experienced this weekend is something I’ve been looking for my entire life. The absolute honesty in everyone that’s been here, whether it’s been sharing love or boundaries, saying “fuck off” in an absolutely loving and meaningful way – it’s hard to say, but ­ I want to do it again, and again, and again, because I feel it’s driving me to be the person I want to be, it’s helping me facilitate communication I didn’t think was possible, and it’s let me look inward and realize that a lot of the interpersonal interactions I have had with people have been entirely in my head.



DATES: July 14-16
LOCATION: Tiny T Ranch, 3409 Caldwell Lane, Garfield, TX


Tickets available here:
Authentic Relating Retreat


Early Bird registration for this 3-day, power-packed event is a mere $180 at the Early-Bird incentive rate, and includes food and sleeping space (camping or BYOB air mattress/sleeping bag).

On July 1, two weeks before the Retreat, this will go up to the full investment of $220. Just click on the ‘find tickets’ link above to register via Paypal for your spot at the retreat.

We have a very limited number of bunk beds – please contact us in advance at if you require one of these. We also have space for a number of volunteers and AR, Circling, or movement facilitators at partial worktrade.

See you there!

The Facilitators

I feel so supercharged that I’m worried if I flex too hard I’ll blow the walls off my house. What an amazing, powerful, and wonderful weekend! I’m so glad I got to share it with all of you, and I look forward to our next connection.


Thank you all for such an amazing experience! I don’t think I have ever felt so raw, open, and fulfilled before in my life and this weekend has confirmed for me my desires to eventually do a facilitator training and keep AR in my life. 

I decided as I prepared for the retreat to really try to just be. To just allow myself to be open to new things, to lean into my edge, and to really expose my inner self, and I feel that I really did that this weekend. And it was amazing. The people I connected with, the things I learned about myself and everyone around me, and the way I learned new techniques to be in the world are things I am going to cherish and carry with me forever. This was a profound weekend for me. Thank you from the very inner depths of my soul!