Authentic Relating Games

How we communicate shapes our world.

Whether it’s with friends, partners, or coffeeshop strangers, our lives are a weave of the interactions we facilitate. Authentic Relating Games are a collection of extensively tested, masterfully led experiences that give players a hands-on taste of both the joy and skills of interpersonal connection.

A traditional Games Night has 10-40 participants, and takes you through a series of interactions that are designed to:

Highlight and train body awareness
Create deep connection
Boost empathy
Strengthen community
Be fun!

We challenge you to listen and reflect in realtime, to share your emotional state, to notice and reach into your desire, and to become self-aware within connection. From meditative depths of presence and ecstatic heights of joy, to somber melancholy and heart-pounding fun, we guide an experience all the way through the human condition.

Our players walk away with a profound sense of well-being, and an experiential toolkit that they can use right away to make every part of their lives even better.

The Noticing Game

Directions: Two people stand or sit directly across from each other, making eye contact. One person is A and the other is B. A goes first.   

A begins: “Sitting/standing here with you, I notice…”
B responds, “Hearing that, I notice…”

Go back and forth: “Hearing that, I notice… Hearing that, I notice…” for 2­-5 minutes.

Note: YOU CAN SHARE OBSERVATIONS, THOUGHTS, SENSATIONS, FEELINGS… You can share ANYTHING you’re noticing inside this structure of “A” and “B” going back and forth.

The Desire Game

Directions: Divide into pairs. Each member of the pair has a 7 minutes to ask for exactly what they want from their partner in the moment. Their partner has the option to either give it or say no. The asking partner keeps making requests until their time is up, and keeps asking for specifics until they get exactly what they want (provided the other person wants to give it). Take a few minutes to share what that was like, and then switch roles.

Notes:  Requests can be physical, mental, or emotional, for example: “Would you give me a back rub?” “Would you tell me what you think about me?” “Would you ask me questions about myself?”

Hot Seat

Directions: Designate a chair as the “hot seat.” Folks can volunteer to sit on the hot seat, and choose their desired level of spiciness (mild, medium, or spicy). The rest of the group asks probing, rapid­fire questions of the person on the hot seat, with depth or intensity according to the level of spiciness.

At any point during the response to their question, the questioner can say “Thank you” which is a signal for the person on the hot seat to stop talking — even mid­sentence. This ensures that the hot seat inhabitant doesn’t ramble, and helps keep the heat up.

Give it about 4-­10 minutes per person, and aim to end when you feel the high note has been hit. “…and I’ll take you off the hot seat there.”

Words From Our Community

I am amazed at how the Games have affected me for the better even in the handful of nights I’ve experienced it. This is the change we need in the world. Reach out, connect with me, let’s keep the love and spontaneity growing.

Authentic Relating has given me the tools to be honest with myself and others. It has also become a source of deep connection and feeling of belonging in my life.

Authentic Relating gave me a connection to what drives me from inside, a vocabulary to talk about it, and the courage to actually do it.

AR gave me a wonderful community where being my truest self is not only accepted but loved. It has provided me with tools to interact in the world in a more honest and authentic way. 

“Normally I’m socially awkward and have great difficulty making friends… With Authentic Relating Games however, I find it hard to walk away from a session without feeling like I’ve started at least one new friendship.”