Circling in Boston

Circling is a unique practice of deep connection and self­-transformation that combines meditation with relationship, and intuitive understanding with joyful play. It artfully strips away the stories and reveals the natural love and connection that exists between us. It has been used by leaders, coaches, and communities across the world to enhance relationship and reveal deeper truth.

Circling training is a powerful way to transform your life, leadership, and relationships – on every level.


Transform your life, and catalyze change in others. Integrate present-moment awareness into your mind, body, soul, and shadow to achieve unprecedented levels of depth in all major areas of your life.


Bring next level guidance to each moment.  Firm and flexible, loving and challenging, present-centered and aware: learn to lead from strength and surrender.


Join a powerful community to co-discover how to bring the aliveness of presence and connection into every interaction you have—inside and outside of the course.

Circling fosters….

  • Self-awareness: mastery over your own experience
    • Intimacy: the ability to create connection, even while in conflict.
      • Expression: how to bring your desire to the table and have impact
        • Leadership: the capacity to lead from a place of wholeness
          • Empowerment: learning how to get what you want from life
            • Understanding: how to work with groups, the power of context, and how to welcome everything

Boston Local Events

Jan 24

Boston Circling Night
An evening of rejuvenating connection
6:45-9:45pm Eastern

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Jan 26

Circling 2.0
Must have participated in at least one prior circle to attend
6:45-9:45 pm Eastern

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Jan 14 - All-Day Event

Circling for Coaches and Healers
10-6pm in Cambridge

This is a not-to-be missed event! Master coach Peter Will Benjamin and circling facilitator Mark Boughton are teaming up to offer a one-day session on circling for coaches, healers, and anyone interested in developing their skills in the interpersonal practices.

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Boston Circling Training

The Boston Circling Training includes:

7 Training Weekends

We will spend seven 3-day weekends together, in Boston, practicing and learning the component skills to create transformative individual and relational experiences through Circling

Regular Practice Pods

Between training weekends, you’ll be connected with others to practice on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. You’ll get a dedicated group to work with, and small-group individual attention.

Ongoing Support

Practicing circling together creates an incredible depth of relationship. Your group will share resources, connect in person, and work together to support each other. Course leads will be available regularly to answer questions, or by arrangement to coach.

Skilled Leadership

The Boston Circling Training is led by Sara Ness of Authentic Revolution, Jess Nichol of the Integral Center, and Mark Boughton of Authentic Relating Toronto, all highly skilled leaders with years of on-the-ground practice in teaching, circling, and community-building.

The Details

Feb 24-26
March 24-26
April 21-23
May 26-28
June 23-25
July 28-30
September 22-24

10% discount until Jan 15
Monthly payment plans available
“Kickstarter” option available for low-income needs

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Circling Training Interest

About the Facilitators

Sara Ness

Sara Ness is a creator and facilitator, founder of a thousands-strong learning community in Austin, Texas and instigator of at least 12 other Authentic Relating or circling groups. She is passionate about exposing the joy of human connection and exploring our creative potential through relationship. Sara has coached more than 200 leaders in sectors ranging from education to the Coast Guard on the art of empathetic leadership. She now travels across North America spreading a communication revolution.

Jess Nichol

Jess Nichol is a top teacher in the fields of Authentic Relating and Circling. She is a Senior Course Leader at the Integral Center in Boulder, CO, leads the AMP Women Team, and serves as a Lead Trainer of the 9-month T3 Circling Training. Jess places great value on being able to welcome all the parts of ourselves in service of integration and wholeness. She brings an exquisite combination of power and vulnerability to her teaching and leading, and loves to tell the truth no matter what.

Mark Boughton

Mark Boughton is an empathic life coach, world traveler, RMT, meditator, passionate rapper, avid Circler, and workshop facilitator. His greatest passion in life is to support others in recognizing and actualizing their potential through his work as a life coach and workshop facilitator. You can find out more info about him or his work here…