Developing Authentic Leaders for a More Empathetic World

To create great products, you need great teams. How do you make teams effective, creative, and enjoyable to work within?

The good news is that great teams can be designed. Great teams can harness diversity as an asset, thrive on uncertainty, and use conflict as a means for coherence.

At Authentic Revolution, we build great teams.

We help you take your company from productive to predictive, able to respond to any challenge with creativity.

What makes a great team?


  • Do team members feel safe talking with each other about what’s really going on?
  • Are power dynamics getting in the way of production?


  • Are all members aligned on the group’s core purpose?
  • Is everyone aware of what explicit or implicit cultural norms are at play?
  • Do team members understand each other’s needs, motivations, and concerns?


  • Do all team members feel invested in each other’s well-being, and in the success of the project?
  • Does everyone know each other’s level of investment?


  • When a team member sees a gap between what is and what could ideally be, does he or she have the skill to speak to and/or solve that problem?
  • Can team members create rather than complain?

Many companies today have the unique challenge of creating quickly and iteratively, based on what customers need. This requires maintaining team cohesion. That’s not an easy task when working under deadline, uncertainty, and sometimes power or personality conflicts.

Bringing in an outside consultant takes the pressure off your coaches to provide relationship management as well as productivity troubleshooting. It allows the full team to self-regulate more easily in the future, with all members possessing the skills to work together well.


Beyond the Whiteboard

A 1-day purpose alignment and creativity accelerator. Over the course of 7 hours, your team will practice hands-on skills of developing a project, clarifying strengths and roles, brainstorming effectively, and creating from a place of alignment. The workshop will also include tools for giving feedback, resolving conflict, and instigating a culture of appreciation and mutual support.

If you want your team to work and feel better together, this will be a great quick investment in an ongoing culture!

The Integrative Leadership Program

Our flagship program. The ILP is a 2.5-day dive into leadership skills for every member of your team. Leadership means the difference between complaint and creation. In this intensive, every member of your team will work together to uplevel each other’s communication and ability to take responsibility when problems arise, such that uncertainty becomes a fertile space and dissent is the road to a better product.

All sessions are interactive, with a focus on participants discovering, practicing, and teaching the leadership and management skills covered.

Get a Custom Quote

Does your team have a particular issue or need that requires relational support? We craft programs from 3 hours to 6 months in length for custom requests, using the same tools that we teach to ascertain and meet your specific needs.

As a small business owner and college instructor, I have successfully used authentic relating both to build teams as well as to craft organizational and class culture…it allows people to understand one another’s ways of thinking and differing views of business problems respectfully, which leads to being able to understand one another’s priorities in a way that builds team and community cohesion very quickly and naturally.

Using authentic relating in the classroom and in my business has led to happier, more empowered employees who enjoy working and learning together. I recommend it to any organization interested to maximize teams, increase collaboration, craft a values or principles-based culture, design trainings, develop leaders, encourage communication, or to increase employee motivation and satisfaction.

To other companies, I’d say – this is an opportunity to cut through the day to day routines of poor communication and suppressing needs/wants, and just be authentic and open with one another…[it] will save your group hours and hours of wasted time in the meeting/business/rehearsal room. You’ll communicate and operate more efficiently and the tools you take with you are yours to keep!

What I experienced this weekend is something I’ve been looking for my entire life…It’s helping me facilitate communication I didn’t think was possible, and it’s let me look inward and realize that a lot of the interpersonal interactions I have had with people have been entirely in my head.