Circling Immersion

Have you ever been seen and known, just as you are?

It’s what many of us look for in relationships, from family, and from ourselves. So often we are ALMOST understood – but then placed in a category, or defined by an assumption. “Hard childhood.” “Depressed.” “Too playful.” “Too serious.” “Not like me.” Though it can be useful and efficient to categorize, putting each other in these boxes can keep us apart.

Circling is a practice of seeing and being seen in a nonjudgmental, playful, yet potent container. Over the course of this weekend, we’ll guide you through exercises to get in touch with your internal experience, learn how to witness others, and communicate more effectively. Then, we’ll go on a deep-dive journey of profound connection. Here’s what you might get out of the weekend:


  • New friendships
  • New insights on yourself
  • An embodied experience of others’ worlds
  • Powerful communication tools enabling you to have greater impact
  • An expanded frame for how much depth is possible in connection.


Circling is an art form, a group process, a meditation, and a means to transformation through radical acceptance. We’d love you to come experience it with us.


Through circling I have experienced some of the deepest senses of being seen that I have known. I have opened to the possibility that there is a deeper, wiser, more wondrous me that exist that I can’t even fully see or appreciate yet. This thought fills me with delight and excitement. Come get filled up!

Peter Will Benjamin

Join us in Austin!

Topical Circling Immersion

Nov. 17-19

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What is Topical Circling?

In a topical circle, you choose the topic. Do you want to explore your relationship to money? Love? Sex? Spirituality? Each person in the group will get a chance to be circled on a topic, as well as participating in others’ circles, where we can find new perspectives on our own experience. Insight, connection, and amazement are guaranteed!

Circling fosters….

  • Self-awareness: mastery over your own experience
    • Intimacy: the ability to create connection, even while in conflict.
      • Expression: how to bring your desire to the table and have impact
        • Leadership: the capacity to lead from a place of wholeness
          • Empowerment: learning how to get what you want from life
            • Understanding: how to work with groups, the power of context, and how to welcome everything

Circling has given my partner and me effective tools and an embodied practice to move through challenges with more ease, love, connection, and presence. We are now able to express emotions such as anger, fear, and jealousy while staying in the moment, while supporting each other, while supporting our relationship and our connection. What once took days to process, now takes and hour or two, sometimes less. We are overflowing with more love, connection and joy than ever before!

Laurie Ellington