Coaching and Consulting


We offer consulting for individuals, communities, and companies wanting to improve their communication skills, wanting to create structures that allow for more connection, empathy and understanding, and wanting to receive relational tools in support of ongoing efficiency of communication.

Why we do it:

We offer consulting because we recognize the deepened capacity to effect large scale change in the world, by supporting groups of people in effectively and efficiently moving towards their goals, and doing so in a manner that has them feel safe, freely expressed and able to communicate clearly and skillfully. We firmly believe that it’s not just the end product, but the process of creation and communication that has groups feel successful and fulfilled in both the short and long term.


How we do it:

We meet with your community, company or organization in person or online, and work with them as a group and on an individual basis. We facilitate relational and communication exercises based on what we find in your group, in service of a deepened capacity to take multiple perspectives, listen and empathize, and improve communication skills. We also look at the overall policy and agreements that have created your culture and brainstorm possible improvements. We offer you a written plan of action to continue building your work culture once we leave, and we offer follow up calls after the consulting visit is over to support you in continuing to work effectively with your group.

Why you should be interested:

Our consulting services are for you if you’re working with, living with, or managing groups of people, and are wanting to experience more satisfaction, greater productivity, more aliveness, new and fresh ideas, a greater sense of purpose, or a deeper culture of empathy and effective communication. Whether it’s with friends, colleagues, community or family members, one of our relational consultants can support you in experiencing more connection, collaboration, understanding, productivity and closeness, and creating a lasting change in your group in the process.


We offer relationship coaching and life coaching services to individuals and couples. We coach via phone, video calling, and in person, and we offer coaching packages tailored to our individual clients needs.

Why we do it:

We believe that the relationship between a coach and coachee can radically support an individual to have more aliveness in their relationships with themselves, others, and their broader world. We recognize the power of having a coach, and how it can facilitate deep healing and empowered action in the world, and we strive to create a world in which people live more meaningful, connected and purposeful lives.

How we do it:

Our coaching draws from a variety of psycho-therapeutic and coaching disciplines, as well as our extensive study of the relational meditation practice, Circling. We work with clients by helping them get clear on exactly what it is they’d like to create in their life, or relationships, then supporting them in creating that through a mixture of deep inner emotional work, and accountability to following through with their commitments. While working with one of our coaches, you can expect to build a deep and trusting relationship, to be in a co-creative process of discovery and actualization of your deepest truths and to be guided towards uncovering the innate wisdom and brilliance that lives inside of you.

Why you might be interested:

You might be interested because you’ve recognized a yearning for creating something bigger in your life, or perhaps you’ve realized that you’re holding on and living out the same deeply ingrained pattern, over and over again. Coaching is a great path to step into creating what you truly want out of life, and also a great opportunity to be deeply known and held accountable in service of staying in integrity what what you truly value. Coaching with us can help you work through the deeply held psycho-emotional blockages to being fully engaged with life, and can help you truly integrate big insights into your world in a meaningful way.

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