Authentic Leadership Training

What is the Authentic Leadership and Facilitation Training?

A profound experience of personal and interpersonal connection created for change ­makers of every kind. Over the course of the weekend, you will learn techniques and exercises to hone your self­ awareness, enhance interpersonal relationships, and facilitate effective, creative communication among groups of any size.

Words from Past Graduates

Authentic Relating Games has become an integral part of my spiritual practice.

It’s akin to yoga in the sense that the goal is the same: to connect to the present moment. However, the process of AR is so much more complete in my eyes. In yoga, I go through a series of exercises, adhere to a discipline, and connect to myself to attain a sense of oneness in the moment. In AR I explore my relationship to myself and my connection to others in order to bring myself more fully into the present.

Being in facilitator training helped deepen my own awareness to myself and gain a sense of valor in dealing with discomfort. I also feel more confident as a leader and in sharing not only my truths but teaching my creative skill set to others, and while the work is far from over, I feel refreshed and inspired and even a sense of excitement in facing life’s challenges.

What a weekend!!! My facilitation training had to be one of the deepest and most connective experiences of my life. Our group came together in an amazing way and I felt so loved, appreciated, supported, understood, and accepted.

I was also incredibly grateful for getting to co-facilitate games at the end of the training. I was nervous and I made mistakes but I was so supported and had plenty of people there to catch me when I fell.  This is an amazing community and I’m incredibly happy to have taken the next step to making authentic relating a deeper part of my life. You are all awesome!

It was a life changing weekend.

Not only was the training worth every penny and every hour spent with the other participants, but the seemingly limitless insights and multi-dynamic skillsets of the facilitators was beyond expectation and I dare say unquantifiable. I cannot say enough about how they pour their hearts and souls into the subject and each of the participants, ensuring that you are ready to engage an eager crowd on the other end.

…This is not some weekend training designed to give you a bag of goodies and a manual to go out and lead a game…This is a training that helped to change me as a person so that I would be able to develop my own bag of goodies and manual from my heart; a training that changed me as a person to be able to help change the world.

In short: go, learn, have fun, and be amazed.

The Authentic facilitator training weekend was like no other workshop I’ve taken before. It didn’t seem like a formal training, but more like an experience through which an infusion of knowledge and skills were passed. My soul feels enriched from attending this weekend.

The leader of the training, Sara Ness, is a total embodiment of what she teaches. Disarmingly genuine, generous and inclusive, Sara glows with love and fascination for humanity.  And as a leader, her ability to be so completely with the experience of the students without losing command of the space is miraculous.

It was an enchanting and powerful growth experience for me, particularly given that I was among a group of total strangers. I only wish that I could properly explain the power and presence that Sara Ness brings to this fascinating and difficult work of deeply connecting people.

Who should attend?

Entrepreneurs, managers, therapists, holistic practitioners, coaches, parents, and purpose­ seekers. Anyone who wants to become a more effective leader — whether for business, community­ building, or personal growth purposes — will gain valuable skills from attending this workshop.

What are the benefits?

Community. Empathy. Self ­care. Self ­discovery. Joy. Connection. Access to comprehensive resources on how to build and lead Authentic community. This workshop is the result of years of experience and research into what it takes to create successful interactions, relationships, and communities, and the tools we provide are adaptable to a wide range of purposes, from corporate conflict resolution to kids’ birthday parties.


Next Trainings:  

August 18-20: Burlington, Vermont
Sept 15-17: Austin, Texas


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