The Center for Conscious Relating

The Center for Conscious Relating is held at Soma Vida, a beautiful co-working space in the center of the city.  We hold Games Nights every Sunday from 6-9 p.m. here, in the Gallery room.
Our community’s offerings have included multiple Games Nights per week, a Circling Lab, Circling Series, a monthly open mic, and many other ad hoc events. We also host seasonal circling immersions, facilitator trainings, community gatherings, and open time for hanging out and co-working.
At the moment, we are transitioning into our new space at Soma, after moving out of our 5-year home at Casa de Luz. All events except Sunday Games are currently on hold, and Circling Lab has moved to Impact Hub. More information on the transition is below.
The Center is a volunteer-based organization. Every event is run by trained facilitators who mentor and support each other. Our group uses an experimental form of distributed leadership, based on research into Reinventing Organizations and Holacracy, and forms a naturally-evolving systemic ecosystem. The result is a novel and inspiring example of evolutionary community. Come visit us!

About the Transition

Starting on Sunday, July 2nd, 2017 we’ll be having our community events at Soma Vida (2324 Cesar Chavez Street). Our lease has ended at Casa de Luz, and Soma offered us a beautiful space to host the AR community in. To start, we’ll just be doing our Sunday AR Games night but we also have *lots* of room and opportunity to grow there and offer more nights, more events, and more practices!

The biggest thing that will help us to move, to succeed in that move, and to grow, is having sustaining members. Just like public radio, having a guaranteed income every month makes it much easier for us to plan and grow.

So, we’re encouraging everyone who can to sign up for a membership. For $25 per month you get free access to all of our Sunday night AR games sessions. You also get a 10% discount on our ALFT facilitator training, discounted $10 drop-in yoga classes at Soma Vida, and more benefits we are still working to finalize (such as discounts on retreats and Monday Circling Lab). The more of you who sign up, the more valuable we can make this membership!

Signup link is above, or here. You can also join our group to get event updates, share your experience, and stay connected. We hope to see you soon!