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How can you bring your full self to the world?

There are thousands of learning systems for what we do, but who we are defines our actions. Authentic Relating and Circling facilitators use unique social technologies to tap into and increase your personal awareness and emotional intelligence, creating profound growth in every area of your life.

What I experienced this weekend is something I’ve been looking for my entire life…It’s helping me facilitate communication I didn’t think was possible, and it’s let me look inward and realize that a lot of the interpersonal interactions I have had with people have been entirely in my head.    –Christian J, Austin

Communication Skills Goddess

Find Your Tribe

Community is something you can grow.

Authentic Relating and Circling were developed as practices to connect communities. They have inspired hundreds of individuals to found groups based on mutual care and understanding.

Our community hosts workshops, parties, music, mentorship, personal growth, and deep connection – in person and online. Together, we can create so much more!

The last year hasn’t been without its hardships and fears, but with this community and this practice I have been able to weather it. I have found people to whom i can tell what’s truly present for me and have them accept and love me. The connections I have made are deep and meaningful and I’ve been able to build relationships in such a unique and genuine way.   –Victor C, Austin

Leap of Faith

Lead From Authenticity

We live in an age of massive cultural transition. Being a “leader” can feel like trying to keep boats afloat in a storm, or standing on shifting sand.

Over the last few years, our community has proven that leadership through authenticity is a powerful tool.

Our trainings offer a direct experience of joyful, creative, empathetic facilitation that will leave you feeling confident to take agency in any situation – whether it be a boardroom or conversation with someone you love.

It was a life changing weekend….a training that changed me as a person to be able to help change the world. In short: go, learn, have fun, and be amazed.   –Chris G, Hawaii

Tribe And Vibe

Team Development

Great teams are not born, they are made. Our facilitators are masters at transforming any willing team into a force of creativity. Learn the communication tools, conflict resolution skills, and group awareness that will help your team members succeed.

To other companies, I’d say – this is an opportunity to cut through the day to day routines of poor communication and suppressing needs…[it] will save your group hours and hours of wasted time in the meeting/business/rehearsal room. You’ll communicate and operate more efficiently and the tools you take with you are yours to keep! – Hannah G, San Francisco

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