Circle. Connect. Transform.

Connection is a skill, and it can be learned.

Circling is a transformational communication practice that has spread across 12 countries and 45 states in the past few years. It enhances self-awareness, creates connection, and teaches participants how to get their needs met AND help others thrive in the process. The practice has been developed and refined by teachers in hundreds of fields, and now, it’s available to the public. 

Here’s a great video from Circling Europe about the practice:


How to Experience Circling

Join Authentic World

Authentic World is an online platform for Circling, connection, skill-building and self-transformation. We host weekly events and have hundreds of resources to explore.

Attend an Event

Join our expert facilitators for events at home in Austin or Boston – or, check the worldwide map to find a community near you!

Get Trained to Lead

Training is the best way to supercharge your self-awareness, connection skills, and leadership. Whether you want to learn circling or just have a better life, join us for the next training in Texas beginning in January 2018!

Why Train in Circling?

  • Self-Awareness: The training will help you become aware of WHY you do what you do, and how to have choice over it. We will use cutting-edge practices of relational meditation, shadow work, and peer feedback loops to help you gain a 360 degree view of your own heart and mind


  • Leadership: Circling is a powerful group practice, requiring you to get in touch with what you want and how to create it. In training, you will gain the skills to express yourself, elicit others’ needs, and enroll a group in creating something bigger than what you could do alone.


  • Change – In a world of increasing diversity and decreasing resources, we need to know how to see others’ worlds from the inside out. We need to understand, and be understood. And we need the skills to do so. Circling teaches these skills in a hands-on, practical way, that will have you following your passion well before you complete the course.


Words From Our Students

Circling has given my partner and me effective tools and an embodied practice to move through challenges with more ease, love, connection, and presence. We are now able to express emotions such as anger, fear, and jealousy while staying in the moment, while supporting each other, while supporting our relationship and our connection. What once took days to process, now takes and hour or two, sometimes less. We are overflowing with more love, connection and joy than ever before! Thank you Circling Austin and the core facilitators for all you do!

I have longed for authentic connection with others for most of my life. The kind of connection that bonds me from the heart – not from the head. This workshop cracked my core wider open, dropping my perceived boundaries, enabling me to live a more full and enriching life, A world of gratitude to Sara, Jordan, and Pete for their masterful and creative facilitation and for providing the safety for my transformation.

I found the 8 week circling series to be, without exaggeration, life-changing.…The process of circling systematically undid all the projections I had made onto my fellow participants. Then I could actually connect with them.

I am pleased to say that this has extended to my life beyond the circling practice…I am able to choose to stay present to what is actually going on, as opposed to blindly believing my projection and behaving accordingly. I feel much lighter and less scared of meeting new people.

There is a magic to being seen and known just as we are. It’s what many of us look for in relationships, from family, and from ourselves, and so often we feel that we fall just short of that mark. We rush, get caught up, hide ourselves for fear of recognition and subsequent rejection.

Through circling I have experienced some of the deepest senses of being seen that I have known. I have opened to the possibility that there is a deeper, wiser, more wondrous me that exist that I can’t even fully see or appreciate yet. This thought fills me with delight and excitement. Come get filled up!

More about Circling:

Circling is a unique practice that facilitates connection and self-expression. Part art form, part meditation, part group conversation, Circling has been described as “interactive intimacy”, “social intercourse”, or (my favorite), “A structured way to love the crap out of someone.”

In a circle, you’ll join a group of people to have a conversation about what’s actually happening for you, and between you, right here and now. You’ll get a visceral sense of what others feel, think, and experience around you, and develop a meditation practice for bringing your embodied self naturally out into the world.

WARNING: Side effects of Circling may include expanded self-awareness, breathtaking perspective shifts, and irrepressible joy. We are not liable for any life­long friendships or relationships that may occur.


More Resources on the Practice